Patient Satisfaction Survey

The Lummi Tribal Health Center is conducting a patient survey to help us understand how we can improve our services.  We really value your perspective and want to hear about your experience.  Please be as honest as possible in answering these questions.  Your honesty only helps us make things better for you.
This survey is completely anonymous.
Justin Iwasaki MD MPH
Health Center Director
Lummi Tribal Health Center
Lummi Nation
(360) 384-7125

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. What is your gender?

* 3. How long have you been a patient here at the Lummi Tribal Health Center?

* 4. EASE OF GETTING CARE:  Able to get an appointment for checkups when you request one (yearly exams, well-visits, regular follow-up visits)?

* 5. EASE OF GETTING CARE:  Able to make same day appointment when sick or hurt?

* 6. EASE OF GETTING CARE:  Health Center hours work for me?

* 7. EASE OF GETTING CARE:  Phone calls get through easily?

* 8. EASE OF GETTING CARE:  I get called back quickly?

* 9. EASE OF GETTING CARE:  Able to get medical advise when the office is closed?

* 10. EASE OF GETTING CARE:  Length of time waiting at the clinic?

* 11. FRONT DESK:  Friendly and helpful to you?

* 12. NURSES:  Listens to you?

* 13. NURSES:  Friendly and helpful to you?

* 14. NURSES:  Answers your questions?

* 15. PROVIDERS:  Listens to you?

* 16. PROVIDERS:  Spends enough time with you?

* 17. PROVIDERS:  Answers your questions?

* 18. PROVIDERS:  Friendly and helpful to you?

* 19. PROVIDERS:  Gives you information you can understand?

* 20. PROVIDERS:  Considers your personal or family beliefs?

* 21. EXPERIENCE WITH TODAY'S VISIT:  Were you helped with making appointments to see other providers or for specialty care?  (i.e. Referrals)

* 22. Do you have problems getting your medication?

* 23. Do you have problems getting transportation?

* 24. Would you recommend this clinic to your family and friends?

* 25. If you could go to any clinic you wanted to, would you still come back here?

* 26. COMMENT:  What one thing could we do to make your visits with us better?

* 27. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?