Questionnaire for parents / carers

Thank you for your interest in this project. The aim of this project is to research the musical interests and abilities of children and young people (aged birth - 18) with Williams Syndrome, living all over the world.

In the interest of obtaining representative information, I would ask that you fill in this questionnaire even if you do not feel that the child that you are providing information about has a particular interest in, or affinity to, music.

Your response will be completely anonymous - personal details are not requested. Responses from this questionnaire will be analysed by me and will be included in my report for the Masters in Music Education at the UCL Institute of Education. The information will be used for this sole purpose.The report will be published at the UCL Institute of Education and will be made available to Williams Syndrome organisations. The findings will help raise awareness about Williams Syndrome among teachers and teachers in training.

There are 32 questions, most of which are multiple choice. Please provide an answer for each question.

By clicking the 'Done' button at the end of the survey you are giving your permission for your answers to be included in the research.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

Best wishes,
Beth Frost
Research Student (MA in Music Education)
UCL Institute of Education

* 1. What is the child's gender?

* 2. What is your relationship to the child?

* 3. In what year was the child born? (enter 4-digit birth year: for example 2005)

* 4. Has the child been diagnosed with Williams Syndrome?

* 5. Has the child been diagnosed with any of the the following disabilities? (tick as many as applicable)

* 6. When was the child last assessed?

* 7. Does the child attend an educational / care setting?

* 8. Does the child show sensitivity to particular sounds?

* 9. Is the child particularly interested in any of the following (please tick and then specify in the box below):

* 10. Does the child have a particular interest in music?

  Not at all interested Seldom interested Slightly interested Fairly interested Moderately interested Very interested Extremely interested
Levels of interest

* 11. Do you believe music is or has been important to the child

  Not at all A little A lot
a) as a source of stimulation?
b) as a source of comfort?
c) to promote communication?
d) to promote socialisation?
e) to promote understanding (e.g. through songs with numbers, counting, days of the week?)
f) to mark out events in the daily routine?

* 12. Does the child have a favourite piece or pieces of music?

* 13. Does the child do any of the following movements when music is played?

* 14. Is music important to the child at particular times or with particular activities, in particular places or with particular people?

* 15. Does the child have music therapy sessions?

* 16. How would you describe the child's musical ability?

* 17. Does the child play an instrument?

* 18. If 'Yes' which instrument(s) does he / she play? (please also include level)

  Beginner Intermediate Advanced

* 19. Please tell us about her / his playing, and give examples:

* 20. Does the child read music?

* 21. Does she / he learn 'by ear'?

* 22. Does the child have an interest in singing?

* 23. Does the child have a special talent for singing?

* 24. Does the child sing along to music?