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The following pages include over 140 actions that would protect or expand what people value most about living in coastal Alabama:

* Access to Water and Open Spaces,
* Coastlines (Beaches and Other Shorelines),
* Fish,
* Heritage and Culture,
* Environmental Health and Resilience, and
* Water Quality.

These actions will be included in the 2013-2018 Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan (CCMP). This plan will serve as a five-year road map for the protection, conservation, and restoration of the coastal systems that rely on the health of the Mobile Bay estuary.

WE NEED YOUR INPUT to help us prioritize these actions. Please consider each and rate its importance from your own unique perspective.

MBNEP is committed to enhancing the availability and access to data online and will continue to develop and expand tools to help people understand the different components of our coastal systems and processes. To that end, several actions recommended to expand this capacity have already been considered to be high priority and are not included on this survey.

Completing this survey should take less than 30 minutes.

Coastal Alabama is your home, and wise stewardship of our estuarine resources is a responsibility we all share. Our hope is to ensure that the Mobile Bay estuary continues to provide future generations the same quality of life that we enjoy. Have at it!