Thank you for telling SafeSpace about the violence you have experienced or witnessed in Vermont. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, and HIV affected (LGBTQH) people face bias and discrimination every day, and may experience violence from an intimate partner or a stranger, but we may not think to report these incidents or feel comfortable speaking with someone. While SafeSpace feels that talking with one of our trained advocates helps, we also understand that not everyone may want to take advantage of this option. To give people a wider range of options, we have created this form as a way for you to report the violence anonymously.

If you would rather speak to a SafeSpace advocate about what has happened to you, please call our confidential support line at 802-863-0003 or toll free 866-869-7341. If you or someone you know feels unsafe, is attacked or harassed by a stranger, by someone you know, or even by someone you love, call SafeSpace, we can provide you with information, support, referrals, and advocacy.

SafeSpace will use the information gathered from this report to help end violence against and within LGBTQH communities in Vermont. SafeSpace needs to be aware of and document the full scope and impact of violence, regardless of whether people choose to report to the police. The information you provide is secure, confidential and completely anonymous as we do not collect IP addresses. We use the information you provide to help us identify patterns of violence in and against particular communities, and in our relationships. For additional information please visit our website