At Today's Faces Academy we strive to provide an elite, youth sports program. Over the years our goal has been to push athletes to the next level of fitness and performance. We have seen phenomenal results but, as you know, we never settle and we are always looking for ways to make our athletes stand out above the rest.

One extremely important area of our program we would like to focus on is Nutrition. Regardless of how hard you work, you can never obtain your true potential unless you have proper nutrition.

-Do you know the power of proper nutrition?
-Do you understand what to eat and when to eat it to maximize results?
-Do you get tired and sluggish during workouts?
-Do you want to increase muscular strength and performance?
-Do you need to shed some body fat?
-Do you want that edge that makes you stand out above the rest on the field?

In order for us to see true potential, in order for you to push yourself harder than ever, in order for us to take you to places you have only dreamed of athletically we HAVE to dial in on your nutrition! Successful athletes fuel their body, they understand the value of time-released supplementation, they see the big picture. We have to set your body up, we have to make sure that your body is ready, and we have to give your body what it needs to recover.

In the state of Georgia, as well as around the country, travel softball has evolved into nearly a year-round sport. For many, 9 months of the year is spent on training, practicing and competing. To play a seven game tournament or to spend a 12-hour day at the ball park is routine for most. Weekend and week out, our athletes are training and competing which means recover time is slim to none before the cycle starts over again.

Now is the time to implement a system that will fill your nutritional gaps and allow you to perform at the top of your game all season long. This is a system that we believe in and that's been tested, proven and endorsed by the likes of the NCAA, the NFL, Olympians and professional athletes around the world.

Before we get into that system please take the next 10-15 minutes (Take Your Time) to answer just a few questions. Have an open mind and BE HONEST with your answers. This isn't a pass/fail test. We will then provide you with a free, no-obligation, and personal assessment customized just for you and your athletic performance goals in 2013.

Our promise is to:
A-Help identify gaps in your nutrition that could be hindering results.
B-Provide you with a successful system as a solution for those problems.
C-Coach you according to your individual and specific goals.

Our success stories are the cornerstone of our reputation and as such you will have COMPLETE SUPPORT throughout all aspects of reaching your goals! As former student athletes, we understand the importance of nutrition when it comes to training and competing at the top of your of game. We are not going to force or hand you some run of the mill athletic performance product. We encourage you to evaluate your current nutrition routine and identify any gaps that could potentially keep you from excelling at the next level. We are committed to your success and we look forward to recommending a customized plan specific to your needs & goals.

Committed to your success,

Today's Faces Academy