* 1. How does Eaton compare to other electrical suppliers regarding ease of doing business?

* 2. How often do you use the following tools?

  Once a day Several times a day Several times a week Several times a month Very rarely
Eaton's mobile apps
Eaton's catalogs
An Eaton sales person
Online quoting and submittals
Online product configurations and outputs
An Eaton call center
Eaton's extranets and portals (Customer Connect, Electrical DRC, Vista on the Web, Power Quality, Extranet, other)

* 3. Ease of doing business is an area that Eaton wants to continue to improve - what top three areas should we focus on?

  First choice Second choice Third choice
On-line access for drawings
Usefullness of electronic tools
Warranty process
Returns process
Customer calls/contact
On-line product information (technical specifications, images)
Pricing process (special pricing, pricing changes, etc.)
Single invoice for multiple product groups

* 4. Which best describes your role?

* 5. How likely are you to discourage a friend or colleague from doing business with Eaton?

* 6. We will not be publishing results from this survey but will use this content to prioritization our actions around ease of doing business. If you would like someone to contact you directly please provide your contact information below.

Thank you for your input!