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The Library offers instructional research sessions for all disciplines. The session is tailored to your curricular needs. Each session targets the Information Literacy General Education Outcome. The Library utilizes the nationally-approved ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Higher Education.


We will make a concerted effort to accommodate your request. We need to adjust our schedules and prepare your session, so advance notification is required (48 hours). Assignments are based on the availability of library personnel.

* 1. Instructor's LAST Name

* 2. Contact Information (Phone Number and Email)

* 3. Course Number and Reference Number

* 4. Campus for Session (including Virtual Campus courses)

* 5. Number of Students (approximate)

* 6. Preferred Date and Time for Session

* 7. Alternate Date and Time for Session

* 8. In the spring of 2017, the librarians developed a lesson plan for students to participate in the NEA Big Read program without having read the book. Faculty can request the librarians to come to class and conduct a StoryCorps Oral History project. Students will learn about interviewing skills and apply the skills to interview a classmate using the IRSC Libraries' iPads and the StoryCorps app to record the interview. This session takes two class periods of at least one hour each. If you are interested in learning more, respond below.

* 9. Would you like a LibGuide for this class? See http://irsc.libguides.com for an example.

* 10. Instructional sessions are most effective when tied to a particular assignment. Please copy and paste your assignment instructions in the space below.

* 11. Type of assignment:

* 12. Assignment due date:

* 13. Assignment word count/page count:

* 14. Minimum number of sources required:

* 15. Scholarly journal articles required:

* 16. Please list any required databases or databases you would like covered during the session.

* 17. Please list any databases which are not permitted.

* 18. Are internet sources permitted?

* 19. Citation style used:

* 20. Instructional Needs (Select one or more items)

* 21. Please let us know if any of your students require special accommodations.

An instructor will be assigned based on campus and availbility. This form indicates your instructional need. Thank you!
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