Tell us about your experience at Fairbridge Festival 2018

Thank you for completing Fairbridge Festival’s customer survey. Feedback is important for FolkWorld Inc. and informs the future planning of the festival to ensure we continue to give you the best experience possible and continue to improve. 

The survey should take less than eight minutes to complete. All survey responses are anonymous. To go into the draw to win two adult three-day weekend festival tickets to Fairbridge Festival 2019 (26-28 April), please fill in your details as directed below. This will not be linked to your feedback.

If there is an area not covered in this survey that you would like to give us feedback directly. 


Fairbridge Festival Management Team

* 1. Have you attended Fairbridge Festival before 2018?

* 2. How many people attended the festival with you?

* 3. Which age group best fits the group that attended. (Select all that apply)

* 4. Which of the following describes how you think of yourself?

* 5. What motivated you to attend Fairbridge Festival 2018?
Can be in dot points. 

* 6. How did you hear about this year’s Fairbridge Festival?
Select all that apply.

* 7. How long did you stay at Fairbridge Festival 2018?

* 8. How would you rate the festival's value for money?

* 9. Where did you stay when you attended the festival?

* 10. Did you use the West Coast Bus Charter service?

* 11. How satisfied were you with the festival’s food/markets/bars?
Please score with 1 as the lowest rating and 5, the highest.

* 12. How satisfied were you with the following aspects of the festival program?
Please score with 1 as the lowest rating and 5, the highest.

  1 2 3 4 5
Music Program
Youth Arts
Children's Program
Dance Program
Street Performance
Venue production value

* 13. How satisfied were you with the festival facilities?
Please score with 1 as the lowest rating and 5, the highest.

  1 2 3 4 5
Toilets/ showers
Site cleanliness
Waste/ recycling
Camping Grounds

* 14. Did you engage with any elements of the City of Mandurah Stretch Festival at Fairbridge Festival?

* 15. How would you rate your interaction with festival staff and volunteers?
Please score with 1 as the lowest rating and 5, the highest.

* 16. How likely are you to recommend Fairbridge Festival to friends and family?
Please score with 1 as the lowest rating and 5, the highest.

* 17. Thinking about your visit to the Peel region for the festival, excluding tickets, how much do you estimate you spent in the area (including food, drinks, accomodation etc)

* 18. Do you plan to attend the 2019 festival?

* 19. What were your 2018 Fairbridge Festival highlights?

* 20. What is your postcode?

* 21. Did you know that Fairbridge Festival is run as a not-for-profit organisation, with ATO Deductible Gift Recipient status? All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Every donation to our public fund goes directly into the festival to help with infrastructure, programming and site safety. To make a donation of any amount, please click here.

Thank you for completing this survey, we really appreciate your feedback. If you would like to go into the draw to win two adult weekend entry tickets to the 2019 Fairbridge Festival, please enter your email address below. 
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