Dear Members 

Something I feel passionately about addressing during my presidency is the perception that our industry is a job for low achievers at school to go in to, and the tag we have as "just a hairdresser.”  From my experience and from listening to fellow salon owners, I think we have two key issues at the moment:

1) We aren’t getting enough apprentices

2) There’s a perception within the general public that hairdressing is a low paid, low opportunity job, not an aspirational career.

I want to work with the press to show the consumer and other industries that we are a lucrative, serious career choice, but to be able to do this I need some hard facts and figures to change the way we are perceived.  I’ve identified that there is a real lack of credible and representative statistics available both on the drop in apprentices, and the potential earnings of successful hairdressers. I need to show two things - that we have an issue with apprentice numbers, and that there are amazing opportunities people can have in our industry - so we can attract enough new people to want to become hairdressers. 

I was hoping you could complete this survey, please note that this is an updated version of the one sent out earlier this week so please disregard the previous link and use this one. We have raised one of the earning figures to £50k + in response to some early feedback from members. All the responses will remain strictly confidential and I really appreciate your help in changing the way our industry is perceived.

Kind regards 


* 1. How many apprentices do you currently have?

* 2. What is your retention rate for apprentices?

* 3. What are the challenges you face when employing an apprentice?

* 4. Is there anything that would make it easier to employ and retain apprentices?

* 5. Have you ever had feedback from apprentices on what might attract them or put them off the job?

* 6. How many stylist vacancies do you have?

* 7. What is the average wage for a full time employee in your salon?

* 8. What is the top earning potential for a full time employee in your salon?

* 9. Where is your business based?