As part of a research project I am attempting to understand the experience of attending a Speech and Language Therapist for speech and language difficulties from the parent's perspective. 
I would very much appreciate if you can complete this short questionnaire. For data protection purposes you have not been asked for any personnel identifying details. 
If you would like to participate in any future discussions on this topic please email me at
Thanks for taking the time to help me with this.  

* 1. How long did you wait for your initial appointment?

* 2. How old was your child at the time of seeking the appointment

* 3. What was your primary reason for seeking this appointment

* 4. Did you feel the assessment adequately addressed your concerns?

* 5. What was the outcome of your child's assessment?

* 6. What tools or exercises, if any, were given as part of your treatment program

* 7. Were these tools recommended by the Speech and Language Therapist or did you find them yourself

* 8. Were you satisfied with these tools/exercises, please choose which of the following statements apply (you can choose more than one)

* 9. At return visits to the Speech and Language Therapist were exercises modified or additional exercises provided

* 10. Without being able to address waiting lists and availability of resources, what is the one support mechanism you would like to see made available for parents and children attending speech and language