This survey will help us understand the tools and services used by independent consultants and small business for managing contacts and generating referrals and new business. Our company, WeMeUs, provides web-based solutions for individuals and small businesses that generate most of their business through their network. WeMeUs relationship management software helps users easily organize and manage their contacts, and build important connections. All information is entirely private and cannot be viewed by other users.

We are now developing new services that will help generate demand through targeted email campaigns and periodic outreach, nurturing leads and key connections, educating contacts and automating repetitive marketing tasks. Our goal is to enable our users to easily strengthen their networks and increase their referral, repeat and new business.

There are fifteen questions that we'd appreciate your responses on. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

* 1. Please indicate how frequently you use the following tools and services in managing your contacts and customers, and for generating leads, new and repeat business.

  Never use Regularly use Sometimes use Infrequently use Used in past
Google Gmail
Yahoo Mail
Microsoft Live/Hotmail
Apple Address Book
Constant Contact
MS Business Contact Manager
Assistant (virtual or real)

* 2. How much per month do you typically pay for all the tools and services you use to help you acquire and manage contacts, customers and relationships?

25% of survey complete.