Thank you for choosing to participate in a brief survey

The purpose of this survey is to gain awareness about the use of project management principles in the field of emergency management.
This survey should take around 5 minutes to complete.
Your responses will remain anonymous.

The answers you provide will be combined with others and summarized in a report. The data will be used to evaluate how programs and projects are managed on a daily basis in an effort to better understand how to meet the growing demands in running an emergency management agency.
Participating in this survey will also support my final project in pursuit of a Masters degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Your honest feedback will be extremely valuable in providing a basis for comparing industry best practices with real-world challenges. Thank you for participating. 

*Question 1 (below) is OPTIONAL, and only listed to gather the contact information for those interested in receiving a copy of the final project.
Marcelo Ferreira, CEM, PMP

* 1. OPTIONAL - If you are interested in receiving a copy of the final report, please provide your contact information.