1. John Lee's Go Player Survey

My name is John J. Lee. I used to be an active US go player when I was younger until changes in life took me away from the scene. I learned go in Chicago when I was 12 and became the US Champion when I was 16. I represented the US in many international tournaments including the World Amateurs, World Pairs tournaments, the Fujitsu cup and was invited to the European Ing Cup as the US Ing Cup Champion.

I am currently conducting a study about the relationship of go with other mind sports. The survey below will take about 2~3 minutes to complete and I’m hoping to collect completed surveys from 1,000 go players. Please spare me approximately three minutes of your valuable time to take the survey below . Please take this survey ONLY if you are a go player and pass it out to your go playing friends.

Thank you very much and I hope to see you all again back in the go scene sometime soon.

* 1. Please complete the basic demographic information below:

* 2. Are you a go player? (if you answer ‘NO’ to this question, please stop the survey)

* 3. What is your strength? (example: 4kyu)

* 4. How long have you been playing go?

* 5. Where did you first learn the game?

* 6. Why or how did you learn to play go? What was your motivation for picking up the game?

* 8. Please list your THREE favorite games in order

  First Second Third
Card games
Poker games
Texas Hold’em

* 9. Which of these games have you watched on TV?