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* 1. Do you use shopping carts at the grocery store?

* 2. Do you think shopping carts can be improved for ease of use?

* 3. Does the shopping cart hold enough for your everyday needs?

* 4. Is the shopping cart safe for everyday use?

* 5. If you answered "Yes" above, rank the following improvements?

  Bad Neutral Great
Stopping mechanism (such as brakes or bumper)
Improved ways to incorperate children (seats with seat belts)
Side basket for delicate ites (fruit/vegatables)
Built in scale
A layout of the stores items
Grocery list holder

* 6. Rate these qualities based on importance

  Not Important Neutral Very Important
Cost effective
Ease of use

* 7. Any other useful shopping cart ideas not mentioned?

* 8. How cost effective should the add-ons be