Mutual Operations Division

* 1. What was the nature of your latest contact with Mutual Operations?

* 2. For what subject did you contact Mutual Operations?

* 3. Staff was friendly, courteous and professional.

* 4. Mutual Operations responded promptly to my request and/or I was given a timely appointment.

* 5. My wait time to speak with a member of staff was:

* 6. Staff was knowledgeable and able to solve my problem.

* 7. Please rate the Mutual Operations services you have used.  Indicate the number that best suits your rating.  10 being the highest rating.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Building Maintenance
Landscape Maintenance
Member Records
Mutuals' Board Office
Work Order Desk

* 8. Overall, what letter grade would you give our customer service?

* 9. What service-related improvements can you recommend?

* 10. Feel free to make any additional comments here.

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