De Colores!

We hope you enjoyed the 27th National Encounter. You feedback is greatly appreciated for the continuous improvement of future National Encounters. Please complete the evaluation by Sunday August 27, 2017.  Thank you!

* 1. In general, what was your overall impression of the 27th National Encounter?

* 2. Multi-lingual Rosary

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Flow of Praying Decades
Degree of Reverence
Setting the Tone for Mass

* 3. Palanca Chapel

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Degree of Reverence
Environment Setting

* 4. Liturgy of the Word

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Multi-Lingual Intercession Prayer Flow

* 5. Music

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Setting Tone for Mass
Hymn Selection Appropriateness
Balance of Cultural Music

* 6. Liturgy of the Eucharist

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Communion Flow of Movement by Clergy
Collection Flow by Ushers

* 7. Plenary session - Friday 7/28

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Keynote: Evangelization in the Environments - Bishop Francisco Senra Coelho
Why we have Cursillo - Margaret Weber
The History of Cursillo in the USA - Louis Salinas and Fr. Esteban Jasso
Cursillo Past, Present, & Future - Hoang Tran

* 8. English Workshop session - Saturday 7/29

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Popes, Cursillo, and Charisms - Gail Terrana
Group Reunion and Ultreya - Holly Wentworth

* 9. Spanish Workshop session - Saturday 7/29

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Manual Paso a Paso -  Conchita Mayorga
Reunión de Grupo y Ultreya - Flor de María Álvarez y Fausto Dâmaso

* 10. Vietnamese Workshop session - Saturday 7/29

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
PT Cursillo và Giáo Xứ -  Lm. Giuse Vũ Đảo và anh Vincent Phạm Quỳnh Tín
Hội Nhóm và Ultreya - anh Vincent Phạm Quỳnh Tín

* 11. Ultreya

* 12. Fiesta

* 13. Master of Ceremony (Emcee) - Fela Alfaro

* 14. Simultaneous Translation Service

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Translation quality
Check-in/out headset & receiver process
Sound quality

* 15. Support

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
On campus signage/ venue map
Water breaks
Time keeper during talks
Instructions & announcements
Lost & Found

* 16. Transportation

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Airport pickup
Registration signage
On campus shuttle service

* 17. Lodging/Facilities

  Poor Fair Good Excellent
Residential Halls
Workshop/Breakout session rooms

* 18. Registration

* 19. Hospitality

* 20. Meals

* 21. Book Store

* 22. Suggest topics for future National Encounter workshop sessions:

* 23. Any other suggestion or comment?

* 24. What is your age range?

* 25. How many years have you been active in the Cursillo?

* 26. What is your Language Group?

Thank you so much for taking time to fill out this evaluation. If you have further questions or comments please contact National Cursillo Center at 512-746-2020.

De Colores!