* 1. Hello, Parkway Parent! Thank you for agreeing to sign out at least one POPP Cruise raffle ticket book. Each book contains 5 tickets. Tickets are to be sold for $5 each or as the complete book of 5 for $20.

IMPORTANT: for ticket sales to count, ticket stubs MUST be completely filled out & returned to the PA Office with payment.

If paying for books in cash, send in payment together with stubs.

If paying for books online at www.parkwayplayers.com, send in online receipt together with stubs.

If returning unsold tickets, make sure they are intact with stubs attached.

All questions can be directed to info@parkwayplayers.com.

Please indicate your understanding & agreement below.

* 2. What is your Parkway Student’s Name? (First & Last)

* 3. What is your name (First & Last)?

* 4. What is your relationship to the student?

* 5. What is your best contact number?

* 6. May we text you?

* 7. What is your email address?

* 8. How would you like to collect your tickets?

* 9. How many raffle books (of 5 tickets each) would you like to sign out?