* 1. Are you a parent? If so, in what age group? Female or Male? (Multiple answers required)

* 2. Do you use your mobile device to snap "Kodak Moments" of your kids on-the-go?

* 3. Where are you most likely to share these images/thoughts/memories?

* 4. Do you (painstakingly) "Scrapbook" or create "Photobooks"?

* 5. Do you write a Blog? If Yes, do you use TypePad, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad or Other?

* 6. Do you use a photo sharing site like "Instagram", "Flickr" or "Picasa"? Or multiple?

* 7. If you are located in the Okanagan region and would like to join us for our focus group in January 2012 please leave your name & email below - we'll get in touch with more info. There will be door prizes, refreshments and a chance to spend about an hour gabbing with other mommies! Kids allowed!