* 1. How confident you are speaking in front of people, such as when you speak in front of your class or meeting room.

* 2. How much time do you use the Internet per day (including using Smartphone to go online)

* 3. Which one of these activities on the Internet you participate the most ?

* 4. Do you often feel peer pressure in school or work place ?

* 5. Do you like to go new places and meet new people, such as a party that you don't know anyone in it.

* 6. Do you feel comfortable to talk to strangers or people you have never met before ?

* 7. Let's imagine you try to do something for your friend's party, such as making a cake or decorating the room, and you mess it up, which one of these choices you would explain for your situation ?

* 8. With the same situation in Question 2, but you done a very good job, which one of these choices you would explain?