As we come to the end of our current year and look toward the next, it seems like a natural time to get your input regarding the future direction of our society. Please fill out this brief survey that addresses some of the central issues we will be addressing in the coming months. We hope you will feel free to add your own thoughts and suggestions.

* 1. Please rank in terms of importance the following CPS activities:

  Least Important Most Important
Providing Continuing Education for the membership
Informing the general community about psychoanalytic issues/practice
Increasing Membership of the Society Consistent With Current Bylaws
Exploring Avenues to Recruit New Members
Weighing in on Social Issues through "Position Statements" Issued by the Society
Assistance with Practice Development for Society Members
Facilitation of members joining and creating new Psychoanalytic Study Groups
Advise CPS Councilor on Society positions regarding issues before APSaA Executive Council
Publication of a Society Newsletter
Collaboration with other local Psychoanalytic groups (e.g., CAPP, CCP, and The Institute for Clinical Social Work) for the good of the future of psychoanalysis

* 2. Please add your own thoughts, suggestions, or comments: