Finance System Review Questions

Please complete all of the following questions to assess your current financial system.

Question Title

* 1. SYSTEMS & PROCESSES: Which of the following are applicable to you?

  Yes No
We lose track of hardcopy paper documents
The way we invoice sales, process payroll and manage purchasing has not changed in the last 5 years
Our financial system does not talk to the other systems we use (Point of Sale, Stock, CRM, etc)
The organisation is potentially over/under staffed in the finance department
I am concerned that if an error or fraudulent activity occurred, it would not be detected and resolved

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* 2. FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Which of the following do you agree with?

  Yes No
An end of month result can be produced within 3 working days
I receive information on business performance/profit during the month
I understand the financial information I receive
Key Performance Indicators are reviewed on a daily/weekly basis to manage the organisation
Important financial and non-financial data can be easily obtained from our systems within a few minutes

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* 3. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Which of the following do you agree with?

  Yes No
There is a budget for the current financial year
Cashflow is forecasted for future weeks/months
I know what the breakeven point is
All bills (including tax and super) can be paid on time
I know how to improve the profitability and performance of the organisation

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* 4. ATTITUDE: Select the statement that is most appropriate to how you currently feel about your financial systems, processes and information.