About the Gloria Jaffe Outstanding Technical Communicator Award

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The Gloria Jaffe Outstanding Technical Communicator Award recognizes technical communicators who have made significant contributions to businesses, education, leadership, and/or STC in the Central Florida area. You can nominate yourself or another deserving technical communicator. There is no charge to nominate someone. Both STC members and non‐STC members are eligible.

Because nominations can come from different sources and applicants are likely to have different skill sets and backgrounds, you are not required to complete every field on this form. Simply answer any questions that do not apply with “N/A” and focus on providing detailed evidence in the other fields.

Thank you for honoring Ms. Jaffe’s teaching objectives and personal legacy by nominating a candidate who exemplifies excellence in technical communication.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: All applications are due by 6PM November 5, 2012

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* 2. How does the nominee contribute to the Society for Technical Communication, if applicable?