* 1. Headquarters Information

* 2. Does your agency recruit for US institutions? If yes, please list the top 3 schools you work with and include a contact name & e-mail.

* 3. Is your agency certified by the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC)?

* 4. Are you a member of any country based professional organizations? If yes, please list.

* 5. Which of the following services do you provide to students?

* 6. Are there other services that you provided to your students that you believe will help to improve their chances of success? If yes, please describe.

* 7. Please describe the success rate of the students you have placed at US intuitions (are the students academically ready, what percentage complete their degrees, what percentage transfer to other schools after their arrival in the US).

* 8. Do you have branch offices in addition to your headquarters? If yes, please list information on your top 3 branches.

* 9. Please describe why you want to represent the University of Southern Maine.