* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Are you a member of a local business association?

* 3. Have you already started your business?

* 4. If, you have NOT started your business when do you expect to start?

* 5. What type of business do you plan on starting/currently own?

* 6. Are you seeking capital funding for your business?

* 7. For what purpose are you writing a business plan?

* 8. Do you have computer and internet access?

* 9. Do you have special needs or require special arrangements to write a business plan, or to participate in a seminar setting (include learning disabilities)? Please describe below:

* 10. Can you commit to attending 2-hour workshops, starting at 6:00pm, every Tuesday for 9 weeks and complete weekly assignments, outside of the scheduled workshops, in a timely fashion?

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