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The CAEE Board of Director’s recognizes that representation reflecting a range of viewpoints, skills, backgrounds, geographic locations, experience, and expertise is essential to accomplishing our work. This information will help CAEE understand who is applying and inform recruitment for nominations.

* 2. Age:

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* 4. Race and/or ethnicity:

* 5. Short (1 paragraph) Bio

* 6. Explain your interest in serving on the CAEE Board as well as what direction you would like to see CAEE taking in the coming year.

* 7. List special skills/knowledge you add to the CAEE Board, or any additional comments.

* 8. List three references with phone numbers of people familiar with your EE experience.

Complete your nomination by Monday, November 6th. Nominations will be reviewed and selected by the Board of Directors in November. Nominees will be notified in December. Board Terms begin January 1st.  Visit www.caee.org/volunteer to learn about other opportunities to get involved with CAEE.