Members interested in being considered for a NAHC Committee or an Advisory Council position should fill out this form and submit online. Please select the Committee(s) and/or Advisory Council(s) you are interested in.

Application Requirements:
Interested members should provide a personal statement indicating the advisory council or committee of their choice and any describe previous experience on a NAHC committee(s) or advisory council(s). Members should include a description of their expertise and qualifications for the appointment. In addition, interested parties should submit a copy of their current resume. The personal statement and the Resume/CV text can be pasted into the space provided or a file may be uploaded.

Committee appointments are made by the NAHC Board Chair, subject to majority approval of the full Board of Directors. Advisory Council appointments are determined within the respective advisory council guidelines.

Candidates will receive notification in early March after the Board has met to finalize appointments.

Please contact Raul Suarez if you have any questions about this process.