1. Parking & Visitor Services

At 7,000 surface parking spaces, the University of Western Ontario operates the second largest campus parking facility in the Province of Ontario. Space allocation varies from year to year, but generally falls into: Campus Core and Perimeter, Residence and Visitors space. There are currently no parking garages. All parking administration, enforcement, and ticket appeals are automated.

Western Parking and Visitor Services strives to provide the highest standard of parking access available at a major university. We strive to provide a high level of customer service. In most cases, permit parkers can be assured suitable parking within 10-15 minutes of their destinations. Visitor parking is available in the Alumni/Thompson Visitor lot and at several metered locations around the campus.

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Our permit application and renewal process
Our advertising and promotions
Our roadside service (open ups / jump starts)
Parking ticket appeals and adjudication processes
Our web site design and functionality
Our e-Business services (permit renewal, myAccount feature, on line appeals etc)
Staff being easy to contact when you need them
Staff knowledge
Courteousness and professionalism of staff
Our response time to customer inquiries
Overall satisfaction with services

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