What do you have in your back yard?

An unscientific survey of the inhabitants of our watershed.
The survey rules are simple. On December 27, 2019, you will make note of the number and type of creatures that appear in your yard and record the results on the form provided.  If the creature is not listed, please add them to the list and record the appropriate number. Please record the maximum number of any one creature that you see at one time (e.g. if you look out and see 3 chickadees the first time, the next time 7 and the next 5- the number you would submit is 7). The results will be tallied and posted on the PLWA web site and through the Pigeon Lake Watershed Association Facebook Page. No personal information will be shared.

PLWA hopes to raise awareness of the wildlife that shares our lake and surrounding watershed area. Please join us in this endeavour and involve your family and friends while you enjoy the holidays at the lake.

PLWA Christmas Creature Count, Tally Sheet - Print a PDF

Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

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