Instructions and Details

What is a PROFINET Plugfest?
The PROFINET Plugfest provides the opportunity to evaluate PROFINET devices and controllers in an environment that comes close to the real automation world. Companies bring their own products for collaborative testing. Testing is carried out in small groups around individual controllers with the devices circulating among various controllers prior to creating one large network. Since every participant aims to learn the limits of their tested devices, a confidential atmosphere is a basic condition. All information stays in the room of the Plugfest and the list of participants is only available to the participants themselves.

Tentative Participant Roles
  • Device Manufacturer: Bring certified or close-to-certified products to test.
  • Infrastructure: Share your switches, cables, connectors, wires, or similar to help us build up our network.
  • Solution Provider: Bring your software stack, chip, SDK, module, or similar to test on the network.
  • Other: Feel free to suggest other roles!

Question Title

* 1. Would you be interested in attending the PROFINET Plugfest 2018?