Campus visits to UT Health San Antonio are encouraged and provided at no cost to the visitor. These visits are designed for groups of 20 or more; and ideally not exceeding 50 students at one time. Group visits must be pre-arranged by completing the “Request a Campus Visit’ form below. The typical visit is 2 hours in length.
Group Information
Visits will be tailored to the group according to the age of the group members and the group interest. Visits may include an overview of the UT Health San Antonio's five schools, the application process, a walking tour, student panels, meetings with faculty, and always include an interactive lab session. Please complete and submit the form below, providing at least three potential visit dates that fit your calendar. We will do our best to accommodate every request. However, it should be noted that two to three months advance notice is highly recommended.

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Number of Visitors

* 3. Age range of visitors 

* 4. Focus of Presentation

* 5. Please choose a hands-on experience

* 6. Indicate 3 potential dates for visits (in order of preference). Enter format  
as MM/DD/YYYY.  

* 7. Please choose a session

* 8. Notes:

* 9. Teacher/Chaperone Agreements:
Chaperones for middle and high school groups must be provided by the visiting groups in a 1:10 ratio. Group chaperones will accompany the students the entire time they are on campus. Collegiate groups must be accompanied by their organization sponsor. Please be advised that classes are in session and while we appreciate the opportunity to share our campus, it is important to behave in a courteous and orderly fashion while on our campus. Students should be instructed prior to arrival regarding the expectations for behavior. Restrooms breaks should be provided before departing home school, rather than upon arrival at the UT Health San Antonio campus, unless your school is located more than 2 hours away from our campus.

I understand that this is an interactive experience, but more importantly, that this is a learning opportunity and my group will behave accordingly. The electronic devices or cell phones is prohibited during our campus presentations and/or guided tours unless authorized by ORSO Staff.

All groups must conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner toward each other, staff, students, and university property. Any inappropriate comments or gestures will not be tolerated. Special arrangements have been made for tour guides, facilities, and/or presenters for your visit.  If unexpected changes occur the day of the visit, all scheduled activities may not be possible.

I understand that the parking area assigned to school buses is removed from the main areas of campus. Therefore, our chaperones will not be the school bus drivers. This will allow for chaperones to assist with the group at all times.

I have read and understood the group visit policy for the UT Health San Antonio outlined in this confirmation letter.  I agree to abide by these policies prior and during my group’s visit.  I understand that if I do not abide by these policies while on campus, my group may not be invited back the following academic year, or may be asked to discontinue the current campus visit.

I agree to allow the UT Health San Antonio to post our school logo on the front marquee as a welcome for our student group. I further agree that if my group will not arrive on campus at the time indicated in this letter, I will contact the number below.  I understand that if, for whatever reason, we are not able to arrive at the scheduled time, our visit will be abbreviated as needed to allow students and staff working with your group to get to class and manage other commitments.