1. HarperCollins eBook Policy Change

HarperCollins (HC)is one of the providers of eBook content to OverDrive which powers our OWWL2go service. As of March 8th, any sales of (HC) eBook titles come with a limit of 26 loans. After 26 loans, the title will not be available any longer in the collection unless an additional fee is paid. HC is the only eBook provider so far to impose this policy. This policy affects only eBooks in OWWL2go, not audiobooks.

Some library systems are calling for a boycott of HC titles to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with this new policy. We would like your input on whether PLS should take the same position.

There are a few bestselling authors on HC's list, but most are midlist authors whose titles do not have holds. In looking at past holds activity, only a few HC titles had high hold counts.

* 1. Do you think PLS libraries should NOT purchase HarperCollins eBooks for OWWL2go? In effect, PLS would boycott future purchases of HC titles for OWWL2go and would issue a letter to HC stating our position.

* 2. Would your library also consider NOT purchasing HarperCollins print books for a period of time as a protest to this eBook decision? We are not proposing or advocating this, but are only interested in what you think.

* 3. Would you consider sending a letter to HarperCollins indicating that you disagree with their new policy towards eBooks in OverDrive? A sample letter could be provided as a guide. The more letters received from libraries and library systems, the greater the impact.

* 4. Optional
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