The HDF Group is conducting an HDFView user survey. Your kind participation will help us improve our commitment in serving the HDF community. Thank you very much in advance for your help.

* 1. Use of HDFView:

  Daily Weekly Monthly Never
How often do you use HDFView?

* 2. File format:

What types of files do you view in HDFView?

* 3. General questions:

  Easy Moderate Hard No opinion
How easy is HDFView to install?
How easy is the GUI interface to use?

* 4. How easy or difficult is it to work with file structure?

  Easy Moderate Hard No opinion
Find a group/dataset
View metadata
See attribute values
Select a subset of a dataset
Create a new group
Create a dataset
Add an attribute
Copy a group/dataset
Move a group/dataset

* 5. How satisfied are you with the data handling features in HDFView?

  Satisfied Somewhat satisfied Not satisfied No opinion
Displaying data values
Copying values from on dataset to another
Changing data values
Importing data from a text file
Exporting data to a text file

* 6. How satisfied are you with the image handling features in HDFView?

  Satisfied Somewhat satisfied Not satisfied No opinion
Showing data as an image
Changing an image color table
Zooming in/out on an image
Changing image contrast/brightness
Converting images to HDF4 or HDF5
Exporting image data to an image file

* 7. How useful would the following new features be to you?

  Very useful Somewhat useful Not useful No opinion
Improve GUI interface for better appearance and ease of use
Support 3D graphics for 3D datasets
Copy/paste data objects between HDF4 and HDF5
Find objects by name
Search objects by attribute name or value
Display objects by name or creation order
Sort data in TableView
Search and query data content
View datasets larger than machine memory (paging)
Create datasets with complex types, e.g. nested compound types
Edit elements of a dataset with complex types
Support HDF5 dimension scales
Import/export GeoTiff
Import/export XML
Show content of NetCDF files
Show content of GeoTiff files
Show content of FITS files
Show content of GRIB files
Show content of Shapefiles
Support datasets of Opaque type based on MIME types
Add another file into an HDF5 file as a dataset of Opaque type
Support remote file access via OPeNDAP
Support remote access to files in the Cloud
Run HDFView on mobile devices, e.g. iPhone/iPad

* 8. Other suggestions and comments?
Please let us know how to contact you so we can better serve you!