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Thank you for agreeing to help us with this piece of research.

CFA Society Singapore, a not-for-profit organisation for investment management professionals, is conducting a research on availability and suitability of financial products for self-employed / gig workers.

We define gig workers as independent contractors (without paid employees) who derive the main source of income through professions such as self-employed PMET (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians); self-employed who operates own business without paid employees; real estate agent; insurance sales agent/broker; food and beverage provider; media-related worker; tutor / lecturer / Instructor; driver etc.

The objective of this study is to produce a report which will support the aspirations of self-employed / gig workers to succeed. Gig workers need suitable and appropriate financial products to enable them to achieve their financial goals, including retirement adequacy.

How can you contribute?
Complete the survey; it takes approximately 15 minutes. 

Do help us to share this survey link to any other organizations / firms in Singapore who may be able to assist in completing the survey.

Data usage and anonymity
We will not collect personal particulars such as company and individual name, company and individual ID etc; and will not attribute responses to company and individuals. All data will be presented on an aggregated basis.

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CHAN Fook Leong, CFA