NAMI CA is preparing our 2017 training schedule for the NAMI on Campus High School program. Please complete the following survey to let us know if your affiliate is ready to bring NCHS to your community. Please note- we will be compiling a list of affiliates and will determine training locations based on readiness, school district support, student interest, and schedules.

NAMI on Campus High School Clubs are student-led clubs that raise mental health awareness and reduce stigma on their campuses and in their community through fun activities and education. Students will gain leadership experience, participate in NAMI, promote mental health and wellness, learn to plan exciting activities/events and much more. A critical component of the program is having strong school district support and engagement.

The program operates in the following way:
1. NAMI CA conducts a full-day training for student club leaders, their advisors and affiliates (The training day is required before clubs may form.)
2. The student clubs then officially launch their clubs on their high school campuses, with support from their local affiliates
3. NAMI CA collects data from advisors, provides technical assistance and support to the affiliates, schools and clubs

Please complete the following survey so NAMI CA can add your affiliate to our interest list and review of possible 2017 training locations.

If you have any questions, please contact Erik Villalobos, Education Coordinator at  

Thank you!


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* 3. Do you know of schools or students that are interested in NCHS? Please describe (how many schools, have conversations about this program already taken place with the school administration, etc.)

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