1. Introduction

Pharma Marketing Yearbook™ (PMY) is a commemorative record of pharmaceutical marketing issues and highlights of the past year. It is published annually by Pharmaguy (aka, John Mack) in conjunction with Pharma Marketing News and Pharma Marketing Blog.

Pharma Marketing Yearbook 2010

Use this survey/response form to "sign" the 2010 PMY. As part of the signing process you can: add comments, add your own 2010 highlights - events, happenings, personal triumphs (eg, new job), news, etc. - that you think should be included, and become a PMY Sponsor.

Your contribution will be added to the published yearbook. I ask that you provide identifying information, including your name and, if available, your Twitter handle, Blog/Website URL, Facebook Page, and LinkedIn Profile URL. This information will be included with your comments and will allow readers of the 2010 PMY to learn more about you and contact you. You can also choose to remain anonymous, but I cannot guarantee that anonymous "signings" will be published.