Missouri Community Action Network needs your help! To advocate for low-income Missourians and Community Action programs, we encourage Missouri CAN members to provide us with information about relationships you may have with any legislators. This information is critical for our cause and goes a long way toward building a strong Network of advocates committed to ending poverty. If you do not have any relationships with legislators, take this opportunity to note your local representative so you can begin to build relationships with them. 

Please remember your legislators are based on the zip code where you live, not where you work. The questions in this survey are in regards to your legislators from both the Missouri House of Representatives and Senate. You can use this link to find your local legislators. Or, to find a listing of all Missouri state senators and representatives by district number, you may use these links:
Missouri Senate:  click here
Missouri House of Representatives:  click here
For this survey, please select up to 3 representatives and 2 senators that you have the greatest working relationship with for the purpose of expanding and developing partnerships with Community Action.

Together, Missouri CAN thrive. Thank you for your membership!