1. TLA Fall 09 Closing Survey

* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Your e-mail address:

* 3. Position:

* 4. How do you think TLA benefittedyou individually this quarter? Please check all that apply:

* 5. Do you have any suggestion(s) for something to change/add/delete to the format to make the TLA dialogue better? If so, please say how you think the suggested change/addition might help.

* 6. This quarter, TLA participants developed this BIG question:

What do WE mean by a sustainable, reflective learning culture? And how might we use that shared understanding to strengthen connections:

- between existing resources and members of the campus community to provide individualized guidance and co-mentoring?
- between the lived experiences of teachers and learners outside of the classroom and what is happening in the classroom to provide engaging learning experiences?
- across borders within WWU and between WWU and external communities to provide interdisciplinary/ community-based learning experiences?

What activities related to this question would you urge TLA to do next?

* 7. Do you have any colleagues-students/faculty/staff/ administrators/community members)-to recommend for TLA? If so, please indicate their names AND contact information (e-mail is preferred).

* 8. TLA group options for Winter 2010 remain the same: W@12, W@2, W@4, R@12. Are you planning to continue participating?