The Port of Long Beach (Port) is seeking community feedback on priority projects to be solicited in 2022, 2023, and 2024. Feedback from this survey will directly inform staff’s funding recommendation for 2022 to the Board of Harbor Commissioners, and will assist the Port in longer term planning for future years. This survey will close on December 23, 2021. For more information on our Community Grants Program and the different project categories, please visit our website at

While the entire city of Long Beach is eligible for grant funding, there is a priority zone covering the areas most impacted by Port operations, including areas of downtown Long Beach, extending north along the Interstate 710 corridor.

Figure 1. Community Grants Program Geographic Eligibility Zone

Community Grants Program Geographic Eligibility Zone

As a reminder, the eligible projects found below, and as defined by the Community Grants Program guidelines, may only take place in the priority zone (Figure 2.)

Figure 2. Community Grants Program Priority Zone

Community Grants Program Priority Zone

  • Air filtration
  • Electric transportation
  • Energy efficiency upgrades
  • Trees and landscaping
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Parks and open space
  • Sound walls and noise barriers
  • Bicycling/pedestrian infrastructure

The following projects may take place anywhere within the Eligibility Zone as shown in Figure 3, including within the priority zone defined in Figure 2. No projects may take place outside the eligibility zone.

Figure 3. Community Grants Program Eligibility Zone

Community Grants Program Eligibility Zone

  • Health programs
  • Solar generation
  • Solar water heating
  • Water quality and stormwater projects
  • Traffic calming measures
Since 2016, Port staff have held numerous outreach events and surveys soliciting community feedback on project priorities. This data was used to inform the recommendations for 2022, 2023, and 2024, described in Table 1 below.

Table 1. Approved and Proposed Project Types for the Community Grants Program by Fiscal Year

(Approved by the Board of Harbor Commissioners)
2022 (Proposed) 2023 (Proposed) 2024 (Proposed)
Project Type (Priority Zone) Parks and Open Space Parks and Open Space Energy Efficiency Air Filtration and HVAC
Project Type (Eligibility Zone) Solar Water Heating & Solar Generation Bicycling and Pedestrian Infrastructure Healthcare Programs  Electric Transportation
Other project types not included within the proposed projects defined in Table 1.

  • Stormwater projects
  • Traffic calming measures
  • Sound walls and noise barriers
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