* 1. How many hours after registering for classes will student email accounts become active?

* 2. ACTC has how many campus locations?

* 3. ACTC is a part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System

* 4. For which campus services will students need to use their student photo ID card?

* 5. Students will need to use their student self-service account to find which of the following?

* 6. ACTC awrds the following credentials except:

* 7. How many course credit hours are required to be considered a full-time student?

* 8. Students may add/drop courses within the first three days of the semester without penalty.

* 9. On the schedule of classes which of the following abbreviations indicates a class meets ONLY on Thursday?

* 10. What is the maximum number of credit hours a student may take without requesting overload permission?

* 11. Final grades for transitional classes in reading, writing, and math will be calculated into a student's overall GPA

* 12. Students would refer to which of the following for important deadlines such as tuition payments?

* 13. Progress toward completion of a credential may take longer if a student's placement test score requires enrollment in transitional courses in reading, writing, and/or math.

* 14. Which of the following is an example of a general education course?

* 15. Which of the following is a responsibility of students as outlined in the advising syllabus?

* 16. How often should student's check their student e-mail account?

* 17. In order to now what courses are required for their intended major, students should do which of the following?

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