School of Advanced Studies, Health Engineering, University of Phoenix

* 1. At what age did you enter the military?

* 2. Why did you enter the military?

* 3. What did you do in the military?

* 4. Did you experience any physical or emotional trauma prior to the Military?  If yes, what kind?

* 5. While in the Military, did you experience any physical or emotional trauma? If yes, what kind?

* 6. Emerging out of the responses were descriptions of women's experiences with MST, barriers to reporting incidents of sexual misconduct and sexual assault, and the challenges they faced when seeking care, what do you believe were your greatest hurdles?

* 7. Did you seek professional assistance?

* 8. What would you change, if any, about the leadership of your organization?

* 9. Most women remain silent because of lack of options to report, the status of perpetrators, and fear of retaliation?  If you could give women a voice, what would you say to them?

* 10. When you separated, what was your rank?