1. Shadow audit questionnaire

In our drive for continuous improvement we are keen to hear from anyone who has observed a SMETA audit being conducted.

Your responses will be used to influence the Sedex Associate Auditor Group ( AAG) as they strive for best practice in auditing.

In an effort to obtain feedback in a consistent, usable form, we have devised a questionnaire which will take you only a few minutes to complete.

* 1. Date of audit

* 2. Location and country of site of employment

* 3. Who are you?

* 4. Is this audit announced, unannounced or semi-announced?

* 5. Did the audit team have the appropriate gender/nationality/ethnic group representation and auditor experience to match the site being audited?

* 6. Did the auditor ask if there have been other audits and review these documents in advance via Sedex or otherwise?

* 7. Were all the relevant management representatives present at the opening meeting?

* 8. Were any worker representatives present at the opening meeting?

* 9. Were you able to follow the audit process?

* 10. Did the auditor use appropriate questions?

* 11. Could the auditors interview technique with workers and management be improved?

* 12. Were document checks conducted in accordance with SMETA guidance?

* 13. Did you feel the document checks were thorough?

* 14. Were all issues identified by the auditor during the audit agreed to be included in the audit report?

* 15. Were all the relevant management representatives present at the closing meeting?

* 16. Were any worker representatives present at the closing meeting?

* 17. Was the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) signed off and the verification process, including upload onto Sedex, explained?

* 18. Did the auditor discuss each CAP and identify sustainable solutions and/or provide suggestions for resources with the management where possible?

* 19. Did the auditor allocate adequate time for all the audit elements?

* 20. Was the report processed within agreed timescales, and was there evidence that the report matches the CAP agreed at the closing meeting?

* 21. Were the timescales/suggested corrective actions provided in the CAP report realistic and appropriate?

* 22. Did the auditor have a strong knowledge of the SMETA best practice guidance?

* 23. What is the name of your company?

* 24. Do you have any other comments?

* 25. Would you be open to a Sedex staff member contacting you for further comments?

* 26. if you answered yes to the question above please supply Your name and e-mail address