Citizen Survey

Dear Moore County Resident,

The Citizen Survey is part of our effort to provide professional law enforcement service to the citizens of Moore County. Your response to this survey will help us recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the service we provide.
We realize your time is valuable and we greatly appreciate your participation in the survey. Our residents deserve the highest quality of Sheriff services and protection. With your help, we will be able to identify areas that may need improvement and concentrate on strengthening our service in those positions.
We know that without your input, we would be far less effective in our crime fighting and protection efforts. Our goal is to provide you service that exceeds your expectations. Thank you for taking time to let us know how we can serve you better.
Neil Godfrey
Moore County Sheriff
If you have any questions regarding the survey, please call (910) 947-2931

* 1. If you reported an incident by phone, how satisfied were you with the manner in which your call was handled?

* 2. How satisfied were you with the length of time it took MCSO personnel to arrive at your location?

* 3. If you were the victim of a crime, how satisfied were you with the professionalism of the personnel who processed the scene?

* 4. If a detective followed up on your case, how satisfied were you with the results of the follow-up?

* 5. How satisfied were you with the MCSO representatives in regards to the following issues?

  Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Dissatisfied Not Sure N/A

* 6. If you have ever been served civil papers by a deputy, how satisfied were you with the professionalism of the personnel?

* 7. If you or immediate family members have ever had contact with the staff of the Moore Detention Center, how satisfied were you with the courtesy, professionalism, and helpfulness of the Jail staff?

* 8. If your call was handled by 911 or through the non-emergency phone, please rate the performance of the Moore County Communications Center personnel (911 emergency and non-emergency calls)

The call was answered in a reasonable time.

* 9. How would you rate your overall experience with the MCSO Communications Center?

* 10. If you have ever visited the Moore County Courthouse, please indicate the reason for your visit:

* 11. Were court bailiffs courteous and helpful?

* 12. How would you rate your personal safety in Moore County?

* 13. Overall, how would you rate the service of the Moore County Sheriff's Office?

* 14. The MCSO is looking to offer additional programs to help protect you and our community. Please check all of the services you would be interested in:

* 15. If the Sheriff's Office could spend more time on one activity, which do you believe it should be?

* 16. What recommendations do you have so that we may improve our level of service

* 17. The following information will be used for statistical purposes only.

What is your race?

* 18. What is your gender?

* 19. Please check your age group

* 20. In which area of Moore County do you reside?