LFNC Environmental Affairs Committee

Knowing that the backyard fruit pick...
• is covered by insurance
• is picked by volunteers
• allows you keep as much fruit as you want
• picks your tree to your specifications 
• donates fruit to food insecure children locally and to vetted agencies.
Please only continue if you would participate, or are thinking of participating...

* 1. How interested are you in participating?

i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 2. What fruit trees do you have on your property? Indicate how many of each.

* 3. What do you typically do with your excess fruit?

* 4. Do you experience issues with letting the fruit drop on the ground (coyotes, vermin, etc)? (Please explain.)

* 5. What is your address and contact info? We won't share your info, but it helps us plot out where we send volunteers.

* 6. Are you the owner of the property? Or do you rent?