* 1. What is your primary connection to the school District?

* 2. What is your primary purpose of using the school facility

* 3. When do you tend to visit the school most often?

* 4. What is your current age group?

* 5. School security has been a topic of discussion across the nation.  Please rate the
importance that you place on school

* 6. Tomahawk Schools has always taken pride in the PK-12 facility.  Would you support a higher level of security clearance (such as a video intercom system) at each main building entrance in order to enter the facility?

* 7. Would you support more restrictive access to the entire building, with limited  areas and times community could
access for exercise (weight room, gyms, pool, and hallways)?

* 8. Would you support shatter resistant film on the glass to be installed throughout the facility for classroom doors and entrys?

* 9. Would you support the hiring of a resource Officer in the District?

* 10. What concerns do you have about school security in our buildings?

* 11. What should be the District's priority in
adding additional security in our facility
and events?

* 12. What would you not want to lose when it comes to accessing the facility?