1. Why this evaluation?

It's important for Extension educators to get feedback information about programs which they conduct or in which they participate. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this short survey. THANKS! For this, you'll be evaluating @iTweetMeat.

* 1. The Extension educator was knowledgeable of the subject matter

  Strongly Agree Agree Not applicable Disagree Strongly Disagree

* 2. The information provided by the Extension educator was valuable to me.

  Very valuable Valuable Not applicable Slightly not valuable Very not valuable

* 3. Rate your previous knowledge of the subject matter:

  Very knowledgeable Somewhat knowledgeable Not applicable Somewhat unaware Very unaware
Your previous knowledge?

* 4. The Extension educator helped increase my knowledge of the subject matter:

  Much more A little more Not applicable Same level Sucked away knowledge
Do you know more now?

* 5. The Extension educator's input was valuable to the chat session:

  Strongly Agree Moderately Not applicable Contributed little Did not contribute
Valuable input?

* 6. I am from:

* 7. What did you like about the educators input during the chat?

* 8. What suggestions do you have for improved Tweeting during chats?

* 9. Other comments: