ALeX Introduction

Hello and welcome to ALeX!

 ALeX will help you thrive via by giving you tools and a road map to healthy and active lifestyle by helping you avoid and tackle the major causes/contributors to disease: 

- Poor diet 
- Wrong way exercising - the extremes
- Toxins and chemicals
- Negative mindset 

Do you want sustainable results? Do you want to: 

- Sleep better, feel better? 
- Have more energy/stamina?
- Get rid of inflammation, aches and pains?
- Be able to reverse a lifestyle related disease?
- Improve your hormonal balance and metabolism?
- Be at an optimal weight?
- Develop good habits for the rest of your life? 
- Change your relationship with food and being active? 
- Take your performance in sports, work, and life to the next level? 
- Do you want to THRIVE?

This Personal Diagnostic evaluates your baseline across the four integrated dimensions of ALeX:

                 FOOD        ACTIVITY        REST        MIND

Let’s get started and welcome to ALeX!

The diagnostic typically takes around 20-25mins. You have up to 90min time limit to complete it in one sitting to accommodate for various pace and distractions. Relax, try to get rid of interruptions (yes, mute that phone :-), and be totally honest. It's for your benefit!

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