Complimentary assessment

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Organizations have Broken Talent EscalatorsĀ® caused by demographic shifts and technological advancement.
Career paths developed even a decade ago no longer reflect today's work-life realities.

This assessment is for Executives, Managers and Leaders responsible for Talent and Career programs.
  • Are you looking for workforce, talent and career programs that integrate and build off each other?
  • Do you wonder how to balance the priorities of one employee group over another?
  • Do you need creative new options for identified high potentials?
  • Do impending retirements challenge your ability to satisfy customers and transfer knowledge?
  • Do you rely on assumptions rather than actual analytics to set priorities and measure results?
  • Are you looking for new, practical programs that reflect today's priorities and pressures?

Why you should take this assessment:
  • The complimentary assessment will provide you with specific talent related issues to consider and discuss with your team.
  • One of our Challenge Factory consultants will discuss your assessment with you during a complimentary follow-up call.
  • You will gain insight on how your talent and career related initiatives can foster a better culture, garner stronger performance and capitalize on today's trends.