1. Call for Presentations

Thank you for your interest in giving a presentation, workshop, or panel talk at "Geospatial Technologies in the Liberal Arts," a conference for-and-by GIS professionals in the NITLE network. To submit your proposals, please complete and return this form no later than July 31, 2009.

* 1. Your Name and Title:

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* 4. Your Phone Number and Fax

* 5. Preferred Session Format

* 6. Session Title

* 7. Session Description. Please limit response to 300 words or less.

* 8. If you are proposing a hands-on workshop, what licensed or open-source software do you intend to use?

* 9. If your proposal includes co-presenters, please provide their name(s) and institution(s) below.

* 10. Please indicate which theme(s) your session addresses.

* 11. Please indicate the appropriate target audience for your session.

* 12. Please comment on your session's significance with regard to geospatial technology, spatial teaching and learning, and/or other direct benefit(s) to participants.

Thank you for applying to present at this NITLE conference. Questions about this program may be directed to Sean Connin at sean.connin@nitle.org or Nancy Millichap at nancy.millichap@nitle.org.

The planners for this conference are as follows:
Sharron Macklin, Williams College, Sharron.J.Macklin@williams.edu
Jon Caris, Smith College, jcaris@smith.edu
Meg Stewart, Vassar College, mestewart@vassar.edu
Andy Anderson, Amherst College, aanderson@amherst.edu
Alex Chaucer, Skidmore College, achaucer@skidmore.edu
David Tatem, Trinity College, David.Tatem@trincoll.edu
Jenni Lund, Wheaton College, jlund@wheatonma.edu