Welcome to the Curridge Oil Group registration page

PLEASE NOTE: the registration form is not for general correspondence and is only checked in the weeks approaching order deadline to capture and register new members.

Thank you for providing details for your COG membership. Please note that all scheme details can be found on the Curridge Village website, or simply Google 'Curridge Oil Group' which will take you to the page on the website.

Once you've registered, your email address will be included in the distribution list to receive emails when the next order is approaching. Details of these orders can always be found on the village website so please check there rather than emailing me directly. 

The emails you receive will include a personal link to the order form.  The ordering facility is provided merely to collate group orders for COG members.  Once collated, they are submitted to the oil supplier (who provides the cheapest quote) and confirmation will be sent within a couple of days confirming the price and expected delivery date. Note that we cannot confirm oil prices before the group order is placed.

DATA PROTECTION NOTICE - please note that your personal data, whilst it will not be disclosed to other members, will be emailed to the oil provider fulfilling the order.  This will include name, contact telephone, address, email address, tank details you have provided and any order instructions. 

All administration of this service is done on a voluntary basis and scheduled around the 3 orders per year. Individual requests may be missed if you email me directly so please use the village website to find out scheme details and future order dates.

Thank you, Curridge Oil Group