Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington

WelCom Survey

The Archdiocese of Wellington looking to enhance the ways we connect with our community and share the vital news and stories that resonate with our faith but to also ensure the Archdiocese's resources are utilised in the most effective and financially sustainable manner.

To achieve this, the Archdiocese is currently reviewing the ongoing publication of our monthly print newspaper - Welcom.

Your feedback is invaluable and will help us better understand how this publication serves your needs and how we might improve our communication efforts in the most cost effective way. We appreciate your time and your insights as we consider the best ways to keep our Catholic community informed and engaged.
1.I take home a copy of WelCom to read(Required.)
2.In which format do you usually read WelCom(Required.)
3.If the Archdiocese continues WelCom in its current print form, how much would you be willing to pay per edition?(Required.)
4.How often would you prefer WelCom to be received?(Required.)
5.Which of the following alternatives would you prefer for staying informed from the Archdiocese? (Please choose all that apply)(Required.)
6.How valuable is it for you to have a local news source such as WelCom?(Required.)
7.What are the most important aspects of WelCom that you would want to retain in an alternative format if adopted? (Please choose all that apply)(Required.)
8.Do you have any other comments or suggestions for how the Archdiocese can improve its new delivery or engage with its people?(Required.)